Data Recovery in MacBook Pro

More often than not, data stored on your MacBook Pro you value more than the actual device! Photos, crucial documents, business accounts — each is just as invaluable as the next. So if your Mac is damaged and you’re worried about losing your data, we’re here to help! Since the days of the early iBooks and PowerBooks, we’ve been performing data recovery. So rest assured, we have all the necessary expertise, tools, and knowledge needed to recover data securely. We recommended getting in touch as soon as you can to talk about your disk problems. Not only will we be able to fix your Mac and get your crucial data back, but we could also offer advice on how to avoid additional data loss!

Slim or Thick?

The slimmer Retina version of the MacBook Pro, also known simply as the MacBook Pro, employs a mini-SSD for storing data. One that is generally made by Toshiba or Samsung. On the other hand, the thicker and older MacBook Pro has a little 2.5-inch hard disk drive from Toshiba, Hitachi (HGST), or Seagate. So, from which disk can we recover data? Well, both!
Remember to check out our Recovery Services for External Hard Disks if you’re having issues with an external hard drive!

MacBook Pro SSD​

Regardless of what hard drive the MacBook Pro has, we can recover all important data with ease!

Problems we tackle

Regardless of how the MacBook Pro failure occurred, recovery is not a challenge for us! However, you must be careful about how you take care of your Apple device after this. We’ve often come upon Mac hard drives that might have been entirely recoverable. However, they end up completely damaged because of failed recovery (of course, one that’s not done by us!). Know this — you often have only one opportunity to recover data from a failing drive. So, attempting to fix, reload, scan, repair, and update the failing drive is a huge NO-NO! It will do nothing else besides worsening the situation.

Why pick us and no one else?

We are Mac lovers

Need more reasons? How about the fact that our entire team uses Macs on the regular? Perhaps the fact that this entire website was built on a MacBook Pro? Yes, we know our Macs like the back of our hands! And we have a special knack for recovering InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Pages, Numbers files, and Final Cut.

Worry not if the warranty on your MacBook Pro has run out! We’ll perform a quick disk replacement and have your device running in no time with the Mac Setup Service!

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